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   Our quality policy:“Integrity, quality-oriented”。
   Companies dependent on customers. Customer focus, the concern related to in the first place. In the management process, the highest corporate managers and the staff bear in mind the purpose of integrity, honour contracts, and satisfy the customer's request, will be quality products dedication to customers is the eternal commitment to customers.
   In business management, and implementing a people-centered concept, in-service to responsibility, and the reactive power is the strict requirements of high-quality talent to play the role. With a scientific attitude control all enterprise management process to ensure that the quality management system and products for continuous improvement, so that enterprises in the community won the full confidence and constantly expanding market share.
   In short, Jinhui the high moral integrity, professionalism; high-grade products, management of the strict demands of work, the high efficiency of the production of strict quality control, quality management system to ensure the appropriateness of a full, effectiveness, the company prosper developed.
   Jinhui entrepreneurial spirit: "family, and summon up the resolve to drive." Jinhui to profess: "Innovation, pragmatic, and brand-value" character principle.   
   "Innovation" is Jinhui the Founding of the country, and people think that Jinhui: Innovation is the source of corporate wealth. In order to carry forward the enterprise, Jinhui will continue in the technical, management, marketing, services, and culture for innovation, and innovation for their capture business opportunities, the creation of wealth.
   "Pragmatic" Jinhui's work style, work stress Jinhui down-to-earth people, step-by-step, refused to fraud, the bad style ambitious.   
   "Value" is Jinhui's business philosophy, Jinhui people at the "create value for the community" as its motto, and always give top priority to the value of customers, customers continuously provide "value-for-money" products .

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